Long, flowing strokes promote mental and physical relaxation in this classic European style massage.  Promotes circulation, relieves muscle tension and rejuvenates the body.       30 minute- $40  60 minute-$65  90 minute- $90



Bodywork that addresses specific ailments and chronic pain patterns.  A combination of different massage techniques customized for your body’s needs.       30 minute- $40  60 minute-$75  90 minute- $95


Deep Tissue

Designed to alleviate pain and muscle tightness while increasing range of motion, this massage uses firm pressure to focus deep into the muscle tissue.       30 minute- $45  60 minute-$75  90 minute- $95



For the weekend warrior or seasoned athlete, this massage can benefit pre-event to limber up and prepare the body as well as post event to help recover from muscle stress, lactic acid build up and begin the rebuilding phase of conditioning.                         30 minute- $45  60 minute-$75  90 minute- $95  



Aromatherapy can be revitalizing or calming, warming or cooling and is healing for sore muscles.  Breathe deep and invigorate your senses and balance your emotions with a customized essential oil blend incorporated into your massage.   Upgrade any massage with Aromatherapy for $10.